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Yinfeng Biological Group Signed the Letter of Intent on Cooperation with Davis Medicine of the University of California
Date:2017-05-03 16:30:02 Author:管理员 Browse:4084次

On March 24th, the signing ceremony of letter of intent on cooperation between Yinfeng Biological Engineering Group (hereinafter referred to as “Yinfeng Biological Group”) with the Davis Medicine of the University of California in United States  (hereinafter referred to as “ Davis Medicine of the University of California”) was held in Shandong Building smoothly. Both parties will held such intent of cooperation, jointly establish the associated research and development center and further promote the transformation of scientific research achievements.

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Zhang Haibo, the deputy mayor of Jinan City, Lv Jiantao, the director general of Jinan Science and Technology Bureau, Liu Yanqiu, the deputy secretary of Party Committee of Jinan Foreign Affairs Office, Wang Wei, the CEO of Shandong Yinfeng Group, Tang Li, the assistant president of Shandong Yinfeng Group, Pang Yong, the acting CEO of Yinfeng Biological Group, Qu Tingyu, the director of Shandong Cell Tissue Bank and Dong Bixiang, the general manager of Beijing Biological attended this activity. The director of International Cooperation Department of the University of California and the director of the Clinical anesthesia laboratory Professor Hong Liu attend this signing ceremony as the USA representatives.

Before the activity begins, the leaders who attended the meeting has a friendly informal discussion. The deputy mayor Zhang Haibo mentioned that the research of biological medicine takes the clinic, scientific research and teaching as the core but finally it shall realize transformation of the achievements and enter into the industrialization development and he hoped that both parties take the signing of this intention on cooperation as the opportunity, speed up the international cooperation and realize win-win relation.

 The Davis Medicine of the University of California is a large public comprehensive medical center established in the year of 1868 in California, which is one of the top medical institutions of the USA medical special departments. Its biological medical researches such as the cell medicine, phymatology and etc. are among the best in the world. In accordance with the contents in the letter of intent, Yinfeng Biological Group will establish North American Research and Development Center in the Davis Medicine of the University of California and will establish the associated Research and Development Center that complies with the cGMP standard in FDA standard in China in time. The Research and Development Center will fully utilize the advantages of the Davis Medicine of the University of California for the biological medical product research and development field, introduce its advanced technology in the aspect of biological medical research and jointly make efforts to the transformation of biological medical achievements and the innovation of biological science.

Since the establishment, Yinfeng Biological Group establish cooperation with the international and domestic famous academies and institutions such as University of Sydney, University of Illinois at Chicago, KrioRus in Russia, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and ALCOR in USA successively and jointly make efforts to the research and development of biological medicine. Association with the Davis Medicine of the University of California this time will offer the support at multiple aspects such as the top-level research resources all over the world, technology, talents and etc. to the group. Yinfeng Biological Group will take this cooperation as the opportunity, continue to integrate the biological technology resources all over the world, establish the international scientific team and drive the Yinfeng Biological to become the international company with the top-ranking technical strength.