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Being of one heart and one mind and make progress together

While following all the way, we have never forgotten the responsibility and belief for serving the human health. We strive for bringing the hope of life to more people and deepening the understanding of life of more people.

Spark project-prolong the “spark” of life with love

The spark project is a large-scale public welfare assistance activity special for malignant children with hematopathy and has developed in the province of Shandong since 2013. So far, the project has assisted 80 families with the child who suffers from the hematopathy, provided hematopoietic stem cell for transplantation and collected the treatment funds by more than RMB 5,000,000. The Yinfeng Biological Group will continue the public welfare road, contribute to society and benefit for mankind.

Dream-fulfillment volunteer team-dream-fulfillment angel in ward

The “dream-fulfillment volunteer team” is the public welfare dream-fulfillment organization formed by the caring volunteers of Yinfeng Biological Group, and it aims to help the children with malignant hemopathy to fulfill their dream. The volunteers in the dream-fulfillment volunteer team will bring warm to the children in wards in special holidays and encourage and help them to rekindle their hope.