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Hubei Yinfeng Company Won the "Technology Innovation Award" in Xiling District
Date:2018-05-31 10:05:09 Author:管理员 Browse:1110次

On April 13, 2017, Communist Party of China in Xiling District Committee of Hubei Province, and the People’s Government of Xiling District held the 2016 Regional Economic Development Promotion Conference, which commended 136 enterprises and institutions that have made outstanding contributions to the economic development in Xiling. Dingcheng Biotechnology Engineering Co., Ltd. of Hubei Yinfeng won the “Technology Innovation Award” and was rewarded with 50,000 yuan.


The reason why Hubei Yinfeng Company can won this award is because the the district CPC committee and the district government gave full recognition to our company for scientific and technological innovation in recent years and actively increased the investment in science and technology, all of that encouraged us to continue increasing our research and development efforts and strive to enhance our core technological capabilities and lead the rapid development of the bio-industry in Xiling District and even in Yichang.