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The inaugural meeting of Yinfen Biological Academy Commission was Successfully Held in Yinfeng Building
Date:2017-05-03 16:26:26 Author:管理员 Browse:1423次

To further gather the scientific research manpower of Yinfeng Biological Group and strengthen the academic atmosphere, on March 18th, 2017, the  inaugural meeting of Yinfen Biological Academy Commission and the first general committee meeting was successfully held under the support of Shandong Yinfeng Group and the leads of all companies of Yinfeng Biological Group. The leaders who attended this meeting are as follows: the president of Shandong Yinfeng Group Mr. Wei Wang, the chief scientist of Yinfeng Biological Group Professor Baijun Shen, the director of Shandong Cell Tissue Bank Professor Tingyu Qu, the acting CEO of Biological Group Yong Pang, the general manager of Beijing Biological Baixiang Dong and the general manager of Yinfeng Gene Technology Co., Ltd. Shoulin Chen.


Professor Shen Baijun was appointed as the director of Yinfeng Biological Academy Commission, Professor Qu Tingyu was appointed as executive director, Dong Baixiang was appointed as secretary general of the commission and six doctors who fighting in the scientific researchers are nominated in the meeting in accordance with the recommendation of Shandong Yinfeng Group and the nomination of all scientific research units. And for staff are set in the secretariat, who are composed of the staff from the Biological Group, Beijing Biological Co., Ltd. and the Qilu Stem Cell Co., Ltd.

In accordance with the article and working system of the Academy Commission, the committee member of the Academy Commission and the secretariat shall be adjusted and appointed by the meeting of Academy Commission based on the need. The committee member list finally determined in this meeting is: Shen Baijun, Qu Tingyu, Hou Huaishui (deputy director of Shandong Cord Blood Bank), Duan Wenyuan (Yinfeng Gene Technology Co., Ltd.), Huang Xinhua (research and development department of Biological Group), Wang Zhihui (Qilu Cell Treatment Co., Ltd.), Tan Yi (Cell Treatment Co., Ltd.) and Fu Yaru (Shandong Cell Tissue Bank). Members of the secretariat are: Xu Fengbo, Tang Yongyong, Liu Xiaodun and Song Xiuyun.

In accordance with the working articles, Yinfeng Biological Academy Commission conducted the first general meeting. The progress of two Car-T scientific research projects in the year of 2016 were reported and the opening reports of two scientific research projects which are planned to be launched in the year of 20174 were evaluated in the meeting. All experts of the Academy Commission conducted communication and evaluation on every research and development project and put forward the suggestions of improvement. Finally, the CEO Mr. Wang Wei gave the important speech to put forward specific requirements on the scientific research work of Yinfeng Biological, make important instructions on the research and development management and require the Academy Commission to supervise the scientific research of Yinfeng Biological well, strengthen the management and make more scientific research achievements, encouraging all companies to play the role of scientific research and make efforts to make a breakthrough on the fields such as hematopoietic stem cell expansion in vitro, Car-T and stem cell technology, medicine research and development and etc.