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Low temperature medicine

          Cryogenic medicine is a new interdiscipline that has gradually formed with the development of life sciences, medicine, and cryogenic technology in recent decades. It is the most rapidly developed discipline in the field of life sciences and it is a emerging medical technologies that used cryogenic technology to treat human cells, tissues, and organs even the entire body to conduct cryogenic freezing, resuscitation, repair and treatment.


The main research direction of Yinfeng Life Science Research Institute:

1.    Cryoprotectants: Screening cryoprotectants that can be used for different types of cells, tissues and organs to reduce the conversion of liquid water, and to reduce the formation of ice crystals, stabilize biofilms and macromolecules substances , and achieve protection or make improvement for activity and viability of cells and tissues in the process of cryonics and resuscitation to provide more effective sources of cells and tissues for biomedicine.

 2, low temperature protection solution


         a: Cell preservation: The cryopreservation technique is used to store and study various human tissue cells and stem cells from various sources, such as mesenchymal stem cells and immune cells, to satisfy a large number of clinical research and application requirements;

        b: Tissue and organ preservation: Collecting, processing, and preserving biologically active tissues and organs required for clinical use, build cryopreserved tissue and organ banks, conduct in-depth research on the cryogenic preservation of tissues/organs, and can provide suitable high levels quality organs at any time.

       c: human cryopreservation: using of the most advanced clinical treatment, cryoprotection system and cryogenic preservation technology, to make cryopreservation for whole human body to achieve the continuation of human life.


     Cryogenic medical devices and equipment: design and develop high-precision, automated program cooling and cryopreservation devices that meet a variety of storage requirements to improve the cryopreservation effect on cells, tissues and organs.

       Cryogenic medical experiment: conduct cryopreservation in profound hypothermia and observation analysis in various levels for cells, tissues, organs, etc. in animals and humans, revealing the rules relating to cryogenic freezing and damage of cells and tissues, and exploring the changes in the process of freezing and rewarming of samples and promote the better development of cryogenic medical technology.