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Warmly congratulations for Liu Changsheng, the founder of virgilbio Science and Technology Ltd.
Date:2018-11-01 15:03:21 Author:管理员 Browse:1395次

     On the afternoon of June 22, the appointment ceremony of Yinfeng Gene Technology Co., Ltd. was held. Liu Changsheng, founder and CEO of  virgilbio Science and Technology Ltd. and founder and vice president of Softgenetics, was appointed as the chief bioinformation consultant of Yinfeng Gene Technology Co., Ltd.Song Xianjun, President of Yinfeng Biological Group, Wang Baoqing, Vice President and Chairman of Yinfeng Gene Technology Co., Ltd., Song Jianhui, Deputy Director of Human Resources Department, Chen Shoulin, General Manager of Yinfeng Gene Technology Co., Ltd., Duan Wenyuan, Deputy General Manager and Technical Director, and Yang Xudong, Assistant of General Manager attended the appointment ceremony and had in-depth conversation with Liu Changsheng.


      At the appointment ceremony, Duan Wenyuan, the deputy general manager and technical director of Yinfeng Gene Technology Co., Ltd., gave a brief introduction about Liu Changsheng's work history and academic achievements. He said with Liu Changsheng, Yinfeng not only has one more mentor and friend, but also gain a great colleague who are breathing together, sharing destiny, and fighting with us together. With that, Yinfeng will develop as the rising sun, full of vigorous and lead to a more promising development space.

    Then, Song Xianshou, President of Yinfeng Biological Group, issued a job offer for Liu Changsheng to hire him as distinguished chief bioinformation consultant of Yinfeng Gene Technology Co., Ltd.


     Liu Changsheng delivered a wonderful speech on the Genome Project for over 10,000. He said that to find out the Chinese genetic disease we must use the Chinese gene bank. Without it, there's no way for us to determine the normal range. The establishment of a standard genome database must be supported by high quality data. As a leading company in the industry, Yinfeng Gene has established a sound genetic test system and provided strong and complete data support for the Genome Project for over 10,000. 

Genes are the code of life. Not only can it transmit genetic information to the next generation, but also determine people's lifespan, growth, aging, illness, death, and appearance, personality, habits, and hobbies. More importantly, genes are closely related to diseases. As the first batch of model center of genetic testing technology application approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, and a national high-tech enterprise, and Jinan Precision Medicine Engineering Research Center, Yinfeng Gene Technology Co., Ltd. has always try to fulfill the tasks of “leading the development of precision medicine, sharing the results of genetic research, and making contribution to society while benefit people” and stick to the mission of “exploring the mysteries of genes and helping people to enjoy a healthy life”, dedicating to provide high-quality precision medical testing services for Chinese.