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Good news! Yinfeng Gene has been accredited as Shandong Precision Medicine Engineering Research Center.
Date:2019-08-05 18:16:58 Author:管理员 Browse:2822次

On June 3, Shandong Development and Reform Commission released the list of Shandong engineering laboratories (engineering research centers) in 2019, and Yinfeng Gene Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yinfeng Gene") affiliated to Yinfeng Biological Group was accredited as Shandong engineering laboratory (engineering research center).



It is reported that Shandong engineering laboratory (engineering research center) is a research and development platform established based on enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities and colleges to improve industrial transformation and upgrading. It is an important way to transform basic research achievements into engineering technologies and an important part of Shandong independent innovation system.


The accreditation of Yinfeng Gene as "Shandong Precision Medicine Engineering Research Center" is the affirmation of Shandong Government to Yinfeng Gene's insistence on independent innovation for many years, positive response to the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, initiative to carry out key technology research, key technology experimental research and all-round transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

In the future, as a "Shandong Precision Medicine Engineering Research Center", with the strategic goal of "promoting the integration of industry, university and research and building a first-class industry", and the enterprise vision of "leading the development of precision medicine, contributing the gene research results, dedicating to the society and benefiting the people", Yinfeng Gene will cultivate high-quality talents, continuously improve brand image, increase core competitiveness, and make contribution to the Healthy China strategy based on reform and innovation drive.