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“Good Physical Conditions Make Life Better”- A Conclusion of the Swimming Match of the Eleventh Sports Meeting of Biolog
Date:2016-06-07 11:47:31 Author:管理员 Flow rate:4690second

Aiming to enrich the employees’ spare-time life, strengthen their physical qualities, Yinfeng Group held the Swimming Match of the Eleventh Sports Meeting in the natatorium of Jinan Olympic Sports Center on August 30, 2014.

Before the match, all the swimmers were preparing eagerly for winning the first prize; they were swimming in the water to warm-up for the match. The match formally started at 8:30 in the morning, then right at the time the pistol started, the water splashed in all lanes, that was the swimmers doing all they could toward the finish line; they just exerted all their energies to spurt, even those who lagged behind were still swimming forward bravely, striving to finish. They might feel satisfied with their accomplishments, or feel proud of themselves, no matter what emotion they might have, it was a kind of release of physical agility, and a method that cultivates extraordinary willpower, a compare of super normal physical power, and a match of outstanding endurance; all of these was for the victory by touching the finish line!

The swimming match has not only enhance the intercommunication among the employees, reflecting the Yinfeng people’s gumption with keen determination and their sportsmanship of being unite as one, but also has brought cool air to the employees in the hot summer. After the intense and exciting competition, three teams of Biological Group have won satisfactory scores, and the swimmers were supportive to each other, determining to obtain better performance in the next session of swimming match.