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Yinfeng Biological Group organized the planting activity of “Inheriting Yinfeng culture and build better home”
Date:2016-06-07 11:37:07 Author:管理员 Flow rate:4432second


In the afternoon of March 16, the Biological Group organized the employees of all companies to plant grapevine on both sides of the vine corridor before the office building so as to witness the growth, inherit the Yinfeng culture and build better home through planting trees by hands, and Peng Xiuling, the president of the Group, participated in the activity.

The employees planted trees with enthusiasm in the activity. Over 20 grapevines were planted by hands in the specified area according to the afforestation plan; the family estate evergreen of Yinfeng Group was added with some green, and a commemorative plaque “Inherit the Yinfeng Culture and Build Better Home” was set up at the entrance of vine corridor. After the ending of the activity, everyone took a group photo to mark the occasion near the commemorative plaque, which showed the unified and harmonious enterprise environment.